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Jnan Dash

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We all remember the Internet bubble back in 1999-2000 era. Start-ups were getting huge valuations. The joke then was – if you are 27 years old and not a millionaire, then you are a failure. All you needed was a sign-board saying “new internet company” and stand on Sand Hill Road. Several cars will stop and within hours, you should have a check worth millions as investment. This is an exaggeration of course. Jeff Bezos of Amazon even said – we spell profit as “prophet”. Then the bubble burst one day and the debris was huge. Hundreds of B2C and B2B companies went belly up. Now after a decade, we see a bit of a bubble again. The landscape is somewhat different. There is no rush to an IPO, which was the only way to make the founders and investors very rich. Now there is a secondary market that buys stocks off the founders and early employees (and some investors as well)... (more)

Elastic Database Cloud?

The NoSQL movement is getting a lot of buzz lately. Recently I read an interesting article, an interview with Gigaspace CTO Nati Shalom. Several key points are made here. The one-size-fits-all approach has never worked in our industry – one operating system, one DBMS, one middleware, etc. So the exuberant folks behind the NoSQL movement must be careful when they declare that the traditional SQL RDMS business is going to die soon. For example, we do understand the emerging needs of extreme scale from Twitter – the number of users grows continuously; each user maintains a list of ... (more)

Musings on a hot summer Friday

Th summer heat is here finally, temperature likely to hit 100 in south bay today, July 16th, a Friday. The stock market behaves as erratically as ever, going south at every little hint of a economic slowdown. Steve Jobs finally owns up the antenna issue for iPhone4. I got mine on the first day after standing in line for hours (pre-ordered). Someone suggested that I get the case to protect the glass from touching any surface, as the new phone is flat compared to the 2G or 3G with a curved backside. So I did put on the side covers and guess what! I had no problems of dropped calls, ... (more)

The Answer Is “Cloud,” What’s the Question?

I attended two days of Cloud Expo, organized by SYS-CON at the Santa Clara convention center here. The expo runs for four days, with today November 4th. being the last day.  I was also one of many speakers at this conference. One feels the Cloud computing movement is in full gear after listening to many speakers and walking the exhibit halls. Many booths by known and new vendors – Oracle, SAP, Cisco, NaviSite,..the bias seemed more towards infrastructure providers. Folks who either run hosting services or supply gear to these services were in large numbers. Hence we saw Intel, Ci... (more)

Lessons from the Japan Earthquake

Incredible images. The Tsunami traveling at jet-speed carrying cars, boats like little toys. Houses being swept away. A picture of lush green fields and white-roofed factories become dark brown with all the debris. All in a matter of few hours! Yet, the resilience of the Japanese people seems so unbelievable. The civilized, quiet way to handle such disasters of epic proportions. No looting, no chaos, no “me-first, to hell with you” attitude. You are not there, but your heart sinks just looking at the tragedy. Someone said that our individual happiness (no matter how healthy and ... (more)